Table of contents

Background and Analysis:

Common ground
Contemplative education
Flavors and what?
(Final?) Reflections on the blog


Breakthrough I: Getting stuck.
Breakthrough II: Stickingwith stuckness.
Breakthrough III: Rest.
Breakthrough IV: Insight.
Discussing with a colleague.
Dull Mind.
Filling out results.
Finishing the PhD.
Getting your hands dirty, to clear up confusion.
Giving a (research) talk.
Intentioned immersion.
Making a big mistake.
Math anxiety – “I should be doing more math.”
Natural inspiration.
Preparing a (research) talk.
Proving myself wrong, via counterexample.
Stunned and sublime.
Translating a proof from one context to another.
Trying to explain math to a stranger.
Unintentioned immersion.
Using my math powers for evil.
Wandering around (math) for fun.
Working through a proof.


Applying for jobs.
Building a theory / Imagining what could be.
Doing computations.
Entering a field.
Pulling together and writing up.


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